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Q: Does massage replace veterinary care?


A: No! Massage works WITH your veterinary care to give your dog the best life possible.



Q: I massage my dog at home--why should I pay you to do it?


A: I am trained in PetMassage and techniques that really communicate with the body. I am a trained professional just like a human masseuse. Is getting a massage at home from your significant other the same as going to get a professional massage? No. It's the same for Fido. However, what you do IS important. Just like humans, dogs need touch. You're a big part of that. I just further that touch in a more complex way.



Q: My dog isn't a sport dog; can he still get a massage from you?


A: Of course! Every dog wants its day! I do specialize in sport dogs, but every dog deserves a massage from me.



Q: Will my pet insurance cover this?


A: No.



Q: Do you accept CareCredit?


A: Not at this time.



Q: What forms of payment do you accept?


A: Cash, credit, Venmo and PayPal.



Q: How often can my dog get a massage?


A: Either three times a week OR every other day maximum.



Q: Any aftercare instructions?


A: Yes! Just like when you get a massage, the movement in the body can release toxins from the body. This can result in temporary lethargy, vomiting, urination and increased thirst.



Q: How old does my dog have to be?


A: Right now I will massage any age as long as it is weaned from its mother.



Q: My dog has a wound, can it get a massage?


A: Yes! I will perform the massage as usual but avoid the open wound.



Q: Do I have to show proof of vaccines?


A: For my own safety, I do need to have proof of rabies or rabies titers.



Q: Can you massage my cat?


A: Cats like to do things on their own terms. Generally as a rule, they don’t enjoy being forced to stay and be pet for any amount of time. However, if you feel you cat would stay still for a period of time, I can always attempt.



Q: My dog is receiving chemotherapy; can it still get a massage?


A: CYES! The American Cancer Society has shown that massage (in humans) can help cancer patients better deal with their symptoms.



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