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Partial Massage

Partial Massages are a great way to get an introduction to massage for your dog. It is a quick, 10-15 minute massage that works on focusing energy and assessing your active dog's body. However, don't be fooled - this short time does make a difference in your dog's life!

This can be done at your home or on location at events.



Full Massage

A Full Massage lasts approximately an hour. Your dog’s gait will be observed and an assessment and specific plan made. From there, every part of the dog's body will be thoroughly worked for optimal relaxation and health benefits.

This is done from the comfort of your home. 


Many times leaving the comfort of home can be stressful on Fido, so why not enhance the calming effects of massage by doing it where your pup is most comfortable? I will come to your home, set up my area and perform the massage right there! I will travel 30 miles from my location for no extra fee (contact me for farther distances).




  • An area to walk the dog around.

  • ​A quiet, calm area to perform the massage.

  • A water dish for your dog.

  • An area to potty the dog after the massage.

  • A 4 - 6 foot non-retractable leash.

  • Your dog wearing a collar - not a harness!

  • Something for you to (quietly) do while I get to work.

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