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• Enhances every dog's quality of life
• Enhances the quality of life of the pet owner
• Integrates perfectly with veterinary care
• Enhances bonding with all newly adopted dogs
• Can be an essential part of everyday pet care
• Sessions continue to enhance a dog's physical and social life

At Knotty Dogs Canine Massage, we use PetMassage techniques as a treatment of disorders and imbalances of the dog's body by the systematic external application such as touch, stroking, friction, vibration, percussion, kneading, stretching, positional release, compression, and joint movement within the normal physiological range of motion.


PetMassage does not include: the application of ultrasound, diathermy or electrical neuromuscular stimulation or substantially similar modalities. It is also not the practice of chiropractic, including the application of a high velocity-low amplitude thrusting force to any articulation of the body. It is also not any skill that might be interpreted as the practice of veterinary medicine such as diagnosis, treatment of infectious or contagious diseases, prescribing or administering of drugs or performing surgery.

• We do no harm
• Provide only the services in which we are trained
• Compliments holistic and traditional veterinary care, home care, spa care and all grooming, training and behavioral modification programs
• Enhances the body-mind wellness of dogs
• Recognizes that all diseases are symptoms of imbalance and misguided perceptions in body awareness
• Initiates the self-healing of dogs through the use of knowledge, compassionate touch, compression, kneading, stretching, positional release, the stimulation of acupressure and referral points, and bio-magnetic energy balancing
• Does not include deep-tissue work or extremes of joint movement
• Does not diagnose or treat specific disorders
• Does not recommend specific dietary regimens
• Do not diagnose, medically treat or prescribe medications
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